Install PipelineX

[Option 1] Install from the PyPI

pip install pipelinex

[Option 2] Development install

This is recommended only if you want to modify the source code of PipelineX.

git clone
cd pipelinex
python develop

Prepare development environment for PipelineX

You can install packages and organize development environment with pipenv. Refer the pipenv document to install pipenv. Once you installed pipenv, you can use pipenv to install and organize your environment.

# install dependent libraries
$ pipenv install

# install development libraries
$ pipenv install --dev

# install pipelinex
$ pipenv run install

# install pipelinex via
$ pipenv run install_dev

# lint python code
$ pipenv run lint

# format python code
$ pipenv run fmt

# sort imports
$ pipenv run sort

# apply mypy to python code
$ pipenv run vet

# get into shell
$ pipenv shell

# run test
$ pipenv run test

Prepare Docker environment for PipelineX

git clone
cd pipelinex
docker build --tag pipelinex .
docker run --rm -it pipelinex