pipelinex.extras.datasets.seaborn package


pipelinex.extras.datasets.seaborn.seaborn_pairplot module

class pipelinex.extras.datasets.seaborn.seaborn_pairplot.SeabornPairPlotDataSet(filepath, save_args=None, sample_args=None, version=None)[source]

Bases: kedro.io.core.AbstractVersionedDataSet

DEFAULT_SAVE_ARGS: Dict[str, Any] = {}
__init__(filepath, save_args=None, sample_args=None, version=None)[source]

Creates a new instance of AbstractVersionedDataSet.

  • filepath (str) – Filepath in POSIX format to a file.

  • version (Optional[Version]) – If specified, should be an instance of kedro.io.core.Version. If its load attribute is None, the latest version will be loaded. If its save attribute is None, save version will be autogenerated.

  • exists_function – Function that is used for determining whether a path exists in a filesystem.

  • glob_function – Function that is used for finding all paths in a filesystem, which match a given pattern.