Source code for pipelinex.extras.decorators.decorators

import logging
import time
from functools import wraps
from typing import Callable

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

def _func_full_name(func: Callable):
    return getattr(func, "__qualname__", repr(func))

def _human_readable_time(elapsed: float):  # pragma: no cover
    mins, secs = divmod(elapsed, 60)
    hours, mins = divmod(mins, 60)

    if hours > 0:
        message = "%dh%02dm%02ds" % (hours, mins, secs)
    elif mins > 0:
        message = "%dm%02ds" % (mins, secs)
    elif secs >= 1:
        message = "%.2fs" % secs
        message = "%.0fms" % (secs * 1000.0)

    return message

[docs]def log_time(func: Callable) -> Callable: """A function decorator which logs the time taken for executing a function. Args: func: The function to be logged. Returns: A wrapped function, which will execute the provided function and log the running time. """ @wraps(func) def with_time(*args, **kwargs): log = logging.getLogger(__name__) t_start = time.time() result = func(*args, **kwargs) t_end = time.time() elapsed = t_end - t_start "Running %r took %s [%.3fs]", _func_full_name(func), _human_readable_time(elapsed), elapsed, ) return result return with_time